NTM Homes Volunteers


Those of us who live at NTM Homes year round look forward to the time that our volunteers come each year and share their expertise and time with us.  Each one who joins us – whether for a week or several months – is a true blessing.  Read on to see where our most recent volunteers have come from, how many years they have served here, and from what occupations they have retired from.



Virginia              9         electrician, lineman, handyman, secretary, homemaker

Iowa                   6          electrician, homemaker

Illinois               8          electrician, school secretary

Wisconsin        16+       shoe store owner, flooring installer, payroll supervisor

Connecticut      5           engineer, sales/marketing, school secretary

Pennsylvania    4          dairy farmer, teacher, compositor, homemaker

New York          5           electrician, teacher, homemaker

Michigan           9           drafter, kitchen designer, auto mechanic, engineer

Michigan           4           foundry worker, daycare provider

Missouri            7           sheet metal worker, teacher

Michigan           9           contractor, builder, business manager, homemaker

W. Virginia      16           pilot, homemaker

Michigan           3           heavy equipment operator, non-profit administrator

Wisconsin         15         engineer, insurance, homemaker

Minnesota         3          metal fabricator, truck driver, telecommunications

Maryland          10         builder, home interior consultant

Illinois               16         pilot, homemaker

Michigan            7          pastor, homemaker

Pennsylvania     2         landscaper, nurse

Texas                   5         operator/trainer (power co.), teacher, media specialist

Illinois                13        sales, receptionist, homemaker

Michigan            4         water industry, secretary

Florida                3         technologist, technical management

Iowa         (1 month)     farmer