POSTED ON February 22nd, 2017

We Stand Amazed

For our Royal Volunteers…


It is amazing to me how willing and able some of our older volunteers  are in doing various jobs. To think that some of them are in their mid to late 70s and can still do jobs like laying carpet, pouring and finishing concrete, replacing boards on bridges, setting cabinets and putting down baseboards. I am amazed to see their dedication and willingness to give of themselves day after day and year after year! What an example and blessing to work along side of such wonderful and cheerful brothers and sisters in Christ. Thank you so, so much for your labor of love and for giving to us your precious time, energy, skills and talents! Thank you each and every one!


Every year we see the Lord’s hand as just the right Volunteers with just the right talents are paired up with the projects that fit them.  Then, as the RV park schedule fills up, gets readjusted, then folks cancel, and new volunteers “just happen” to step out to serve the Lord and bring with them just the skills we need- we stand amazed!  New and returning volunteers give us encouragement, fresh ideas, and a new shot of energy that we as staff need.

What a blessing my wife and I receive as we process and orientate new folks, then keep in contact with updates to keep everyone informed and in prayer for each other’s needs. We feel a true sense of “family” with our volunteers and staff year after year.

A great big THANKS!

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