POSTED ON May 17th, 2016

Joe and Marilyn Engel

The Engels have served with the publication department at NTM headquarters for twelve years, with Joe as pre-press supervisor, and Marilyn as a proof reader.  Both were born in Milwaukee, WI, Joe in 1937, and Marilyn in 1938.  They retired in 2002.

Joe was saved through a Bible Study in 1976. Marilyn accepted Christ also at a Bible study.  Joe audited classes at night at Waukesha where they realized the need to join a Bible church. They became involved as leaders with the youth group as well teaching Sunday school classes.

They were introduced to NTM through the Bible church they attended whose pastor at the time was with the mission.  In fact, the next two pastors called were also associated with the mission.

Joe and Marilyn were invited by a couple at the Bible School to visit them at their summer outreach mission where they saw children being saved through that ministry.  The experience sealed in their minds their desire to go full time into missions.  They sold their house and headed to Bible school.  They saw God confirm their action in many ways, including the generosity of their family dentist who offered free exams, and through like manner their eye doctor who gave them a free exam and glasses.

Early in their training the death of their son from his own hand stunned the family.  It was a hard time for them all.  Some extended family blamed Joe and Marilyn, but God’s grace and their assurance their son knew Christ as Savior gave them the strength to be an encouragement to others.

During the last two years that Joe served as the leader of the Design Department, traditional prepress was replaced by design thru computers.  Joe realizing Publications was heading further into a different direction decided along with Marilyn, because of his age, that it would be best to step out of Publications and retire; the committee was in agreement.

Marilyn had health issues that denied her insurance.  When she developed pneumonia the Lord provided a good doctor who prescribed an appropriate antibiotic which cleared up the illness without any hospitalization.

Their home church supported them until retirement, but supplied a large amount of money prior to the closing of that door.  God opened other doors in the form of individual supporters, including a Nebraska farmer who plants a portion of his acreage in corn; and when harvest comes, he donates the earnings from that parcel to the Engels.

The Engels retired at the NTM Homes.  After writing this the Lord took Marilyn home in 2015.

Looking back, both said they would do it all over again.


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