POSTED ON June 22nd, 2016

Forest and Rachel Ellsworth

The Ellsworths have been serving the Lord with NTM for thirty seven years at NTBI schools as cooks and Rachel as receptionist.  From 1979 to 1986, they were assigned to Waukesha; from 1987-1998, Jackson; followed in 1993 by three years at the Latham Center at NTM Retirement Homes where Forrest retired.  Rachel continued as receptionist for three years before retiring.  Both were born in Michigan, Forrest in 1926, and Rachel in 1930.

They both where saved in 1969.  A neighbor invited their children to a VBS program where their daughter received Christ as Savior.  During a follow up visit from the church, both Forrest and Rachel gave their lives to Christ.

Their outreach to others began soon after they were introduced to a pastor who wanted to start a church in a nearby town. The Ellsworths “jumped in with both feet” even though they were young in the faith. Forrest served as a deacon, usher, maintenance man, treasurer, and both were involved with the bus ministry and Sunday school.  They also served at a summer youth camp where Rachel worked throughout the week, while Forrest joined her on the weekends.  This camp ministry was what the Lord used to turn their hearts to missions.  It was there they became aware of NTM through some of the students who were enrolled at Jackson and were serving as counselors. Throughout their years of teaching and kitchen supervision they came to know eleven hundred students who respectfully referred to them as “Dad and Mom.”

After thirty one years in the auto industry, Forrest retired and he and Rachel went directly into the training bypassing Bible school.  Because of Forrest’s pension, they did not need a sending church to supply their financial assistance.

Would they do it all again?  “Yes, definitely!  “It has been the best years of our life.”

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  1. Peggy Castagna says:

    They have been a wonderful blessing to us and our family. Love them.

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