POSTED ON June 2nd, 2016

Don Seiling

Don has served the Lord with NTM for thirty eight years as a cook in Waukesha, Senegal, Bolivia, PNG, United Kingdom and NTM Retirement Homes.  He was born in 1943 in Illinois.

Don was saved in the army while stationed in Germany.  Navigators led the Bible studies which aptly prepared him how to witness effectively.

He became acquainted with NTM through a Bible study led by his former military roommate.  One of the participants in the Bible study was going into training with NTM which Don found interesting.  He began to ask questions about the mission, learning there were schools that specifically taught how to study the Bible.  He and several other people in the study enrolled at Grand Rapids (Michigan) School of the Bible and Music. He completed 1 1/2 years at Grands  Rapids School of the Bible and Music,  he then entered the training with  NTM.

During the training he was hoping to go to a particular field, but it was suggested he cook for the mission.  Before Don’s salvation he had been to chef training school and worked a year after completing the course.  The experience soured him a bit on the profession and it was a challenge to battle with the Lord about taking this on. The Lord kept bringing into his mind the question, “would I do it for Him?  I knew I could only do it by faith, so I surrendered and told the Lord yes. I had perfect peace afterwards.”

What few other challenges came as a result of limited ingredients like vegetables, or  good working equipment.  What he recalls most is the privilege of being able to serve.

Support was touch and go at the beginning, but his home church was mission minded and was very good to him. He went out by faith knowing he was doing what the Lord directed.

Would he do it all over again?  “Yes!”  “What I went through was food for my faith.”

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