Spoken Word

Amy Sheffield, daughter to NTM missionaries and NTM Homes staff Jim and Carol Sheffield, had an opportunity to share her “Spoken Word” poem in her high school for a competition.  Listen to what she has to say!  And if you would like to have a DVD copy of this presentation, call Jim Sheffield at (407) 221-5509.

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Join Our Team!

The NTM Homes family is looking for people to partner with them in both praying for staff needs and in joining the team that are serving retired missionaries.

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People groups who haven’t heard the truth of God’s Word still inhabit remote places of the earth. Although the obstacles may be many and great, these people are REACHABLE! Missionary Jana Price, who went with her husband, Joe, to the Panares of Venezuela, said, “It’s an overwhelming privilege to see God work.’ ‘I wish I was young enough to start another work. I think about being up in heaven with our Panare brothers and sisters, and there’s just nothing like it.”

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Each Stick had a Name

From New Tribes Mission’s archive, we bring you the slide show Each Stick Had A Name.  On behalf of his village, Gilimase makes a request to the short-term missions team.

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Annette McManigle, one of the team members, tells her story of reaching the Pwo Karen people of Thailand in the book Where Spirits Roam but God Reigns. Available for purchase at

Steve Crockett was challenged by Each Stick Had A Name to reach the Moi people in the Asia Pacific region.  Watch Steve’s testimony.


The growing church among the Siawi people is learning to function on its own after years of discipleship and teaching God’s Word. But Linda’s job isn’t finished yet.

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