codgers original CR 3-30Back in the 1970s the Executive Committee of New Tribes Mission realized there was a dire need for a place for our retired missionaries – a place to live when they returned home because of age or for health reasons.

In 1979, after closing the training center in Oviedo, Florida, that property was renovated to accommodate retiring missionaries. The first retired missionaries moved in on January 28, 1982. In 1987 Seminole County declared that the property in Oviedo would be needed for the toll road (Highway 417).

In March of 1989 NTM began building a new retirement community in Sanford, Florida. On the property right now there are 100 single duplex apartments, 10 staff family houses, and the Latham Center (with 17 rooms for independent living and 8 rooms for Assisted Living). At the southeast corner of the property we have RV hookups for volunteer workers, a maintenance facility, and a mechanic’s garage.

We praise God for all He has accomplished to provide an enjoyable environment for His servants and at an affordable cost.